Made in Detroit and imported to Brooklyn USA. Jake Alexander McAfee is a director and writer who focuses on character and storytelling. Utilizing the environment and architecture of his productions, the locations become a character within the narrative.


While attending Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School and with the urging of his art teachers, as a high school senior, Jake attended Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, Young Artist Program with a focus on photography.   Photography ignited Jake’s interest in filmmaking and he started shooting his own personal projects with a VHS video camera he purchased from a pawnshop.


Jake moved to New York City to pursue a career in filmmaking.  He met and started working for director Spike Lee on a variety of different advertising projects via SPIKE DDB and eventually Spike’s feature films via 40 Acres & A Mule.  Having access to Spike and his approach to directing from pre-production, production, and then, post was the best film school he says he could have ever attended.


Jake felt compelled to step out on his own and crafted his own series of short films and commissioned spots.   Realizing the power of effective storytelling and strong character development, Jake has been able to craft stories that emotionally captivate and unify his viewers, regardless of social-economic backgrounds.


He wrote and directed a series of successful branded short films for Goodwill Industries.  The first was titled “The Commute” in 2014.  That was followed by another branded content short film for Goodwill Industries titled “2ND LiFE ” in 2015.  Both films were very successful for the non-profit.    The Commute has and continues to screen at numerous social awareness events for Fortune 500 companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Google, Barclays Bank and Prudential Insurance, to name a few.  Jake is often invited to speak at these screening events.


2nd LiFE has screened on national television and at numerous film festivals, winning multiple filmmaking awards. Picking up an HBO Best Short Film Award for 2015 and in 2016, it qualified for an Academy Award consideration for Best Live Action Short Film.


2ND LiFE also caught the attention of Academy Award winning director Ron Howard who introduced Jake to Radical Media and chairman Jon Kamen, where he’s currently focused on developing his feature film endeavors.  Jake is excited to continue to create thought provoking advertising and branded content media with Cosmic Pictures.